Modern Classic

Stylishly classic, fast and low maintenance are the distinguishing features of the Van Speijk sloops. Lovers of traditional beauty immediately recognize the origin: the longboat, but in a modern version.

Contemporary classic
Stylishly classic, fast and low-maintenance are the characteristics of the Van Speijk sloops.

Lovers of traditional beauty will recognize the origin immediately: the longboat, but in a modern version.
The models combine contemporary sailing capacities with the authentic appearance of a strikingly carved transom and a pronounced stem.

Semi-custom made in Amsterdam
Thanks to its classic lines and numerous special finishing details, the Van Speijk sloop looks like a well-preserved specimen from days long gone.

Under the skin is a state of the art design and construction method.
Jachtwerf Bouwmeester in Amsterdam is responsible for the entire production process, using Corecell™  foam, which is enclosed on both sides by laminate of glass fiber and epoxy resin.

The Van Speijk Original is then finished with teak spruce veneer and pre-finished with four coats of crystal clear epoxy, followed by three coats of 2-component lacquer with UV Filter. The Van Speijk Blue receives a final sprayed finish with great craftsmanship.

The unique combination of sandwich construction and finish guarantees a distinctive and classic appearance in combination with minimal maintenance.

Van Speijk 26

The Van Speijk 26 is a boat of distinction, and could serve as the backdrop for a stellar portrait. The Van Speijk resembles a classic naval sloop. It is therefore difficult for the passing and walking public to believe that we are dealing here with a contemporary design.

Length:                   8.00 m
Width:                     2.55 m
Draft:                         0.67 m
Clearance:             1.05 m
Weigth:                   1.900 kg

Van Speijk 32

The Van Speijk 32 is a longboat. This large sloop type was used from the early nineteenth century as a dinghy to fetch food or water or to lay out anchors. The Royal Navy also used the model with its frigates. The Van Speijk 32 combines the traditional look of a longboat with comfort and speed.

Length:                   9.70 m
Width:                     2.85 m
Draft:                         0.74 m
Clearance:             1.32 m
Weigth:                   2.500 kg

Van Speijk Electrified

Living life 
Peace and quiet on board. No engine sound except the flow of water. No smelly fumes leaking into our neighborhood. Enjoy your Van Speijk as it should be enjoyed. In harmony with your surroundings.

So you and your loved ones can enjoy the surroundings in all its glory.

Every Van Speijk!
All Van Speijk models are available with electric propulsion. Be the first to know when we will launch our first electrified Van Speijk!

Be the first to know.